Anti-browning agent
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The market for fresh-cut fruits and vegetables has grown rapidly in recent decades as a result of their freshness, convenience, and human health benefits. However, fresh fruits and vegetables deteriorate very rapidly after processing, especially cut-surface browning resulting from wound-induced physiological and biochemical changes. The application of anti-browning agents is one of the most effective methods for controlling the enzymatic browning reaction in fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.


Antibraun™ is naturally occurring ascorbic acid and citric acid extracted from lemon and citrus, specially designed to prevent browning and discoloration in fresh-cut fruits.


Antibräun™ - Retard microbial decay and anti-browning 



Fruits and vegetables

Water chestnuts

1 g/kg

Fresh-cut apples

1 g/kg

Fresh-cut melon

1 g/kg

Fresh-cut pineapple

1 g/kg


2 g/kg

Fresh-cut mango

5 g/kg

Fresh-cut lettuce

0.8-1 g/kg

Fresh-cut cattail

1.5-2 g/kg

Fresh-cut salad

0.8-1 g/kg


Key Benefits

- Alternative to ascorbic acid and citric acid;

- Preventing  browning and discoloration;

- Prevent microbial spoilage;

- Natural, sustainable solution;

- Clean label.


The ingredients of Antibraun™  are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) including ascorbic acid, citric acid and L-lactic acid for preventing browning in fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.