Shelfex™ BK

Shelf-life extender
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ShelfeX™ BK is a tailor made combination of berry extracts with maltogenic amylase. It is a unique solution with multi-functional effects. The naturally occurring sorbic acid from berry extracts effectively inhibits Yeasts and Molds in bakery products while the maltogenic amylase acts as a complete tool to keep softness, moistness, and texture throughout storage alongside giving higher volume and better shape of baked goods. 


• Growth inhibition of Yeasts and Molds
• Maintains moisture, texture and softness
• Enhances higher volume & better shape
• Prolong freshness
• Natural, Costumer-friendly label 


Bakery products (e.g Muffins, Bread).



ShelfeX™ BK may be labelled as approved as GRAS antimicrobial by FDA, USA. The regulations governing the use of ShelfeX™ BK vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.EA is available on request.

It is recommended to use it after ensuring compliance with your local regulations.
Staling is a major challenge for cake manufacturers. To avoid the use of synthetic additives, we have developed a superior enzyme technology which raises the bar for packaged cakes, muffins and brioche. ShelfeX™ BK keeps bakery fresh, soft, moist, and maintains superior texture. ShelfeX™ BK is an enzymatic solution that prevents fungal growth  as well as maintains high volume, better shape and better crump in bakery goods. 
3 g/kg of ShelfeX™ BK can prevent the mold growth and maintain the softness and texture of gluten-free brioche for 25 days whereas control bread was already spoiled at day 18 when stored at room temperature.
3 g/kg of ShelfeX™ BK showed undectable growth of Yeasts & Molds as well as maintained the crumbness of packaged muffins for more than 30 days when stored at room temperature.  
The following examples are for the purpose of reference, the application range of Handary products may have wider possibilities*