Fixolor™ AT
Cultured sugarcane
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Juice-based beverages generally have relatively high levels of sugar and a low pH which favors the growth of some spore-forming bacteria (e.g. Alicyclobacillus). Additionally, natural colors such as anthocyanins (natural red-purple) are unstable sensitive to pH, temperature, and light, which will cause the reduction of color intensity or color change. 


Fixolor™ AT is a unique and natural ferment of sugar cane containing Lactic Acid, specially designed to stabilize natural colors (anthocyanins) and to control Alicyclobacillus in juice-based beverages.


Fixolor™ AT - Effective color and microbial stabilizer




Apple juice concentrate

0.12-0.15 ml/L

Strawberry and raspberry juice concentrate

0.13 ml/L


Key Benefits

- Increase anthocyanin (color) stability

- Anti-Alicyclobacillus

- Extended shelf life

- Clean-label


USA: Cultured sugarcane, L-Lactic acid; EU: Fermented sugarcane, L-Lactic acid