Phagex™ AL
Anti-listeria phage
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Listeria has been associated with a large number of food-poisoning outbreaks related to various foods. Phages are the most abundant microorganisms in the world and can be used for targeted bacterial control.


PhageX™ AL anti-Listeria phage is produced by fermentation using Listeria innocua as a host strain and is effectively applied on the surface of foods such as RTE meats as an intervention against Listeria contamination.



PhageX™ AL - Anti-Listeria for



Meat, poultry and seafood

RTE meats , salmon

1-2 mg/kg



Key Benefits

• Prevent Listeria cross contamination;

• No organoleptic influence;

• Clean label.


PhageX™ AL is accepted as a processing aid for listeria susceptible foodstuffs with no labelling is required, approved by US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Switzerland, The Netherlands (EU) and Canada. 

• In USA, Anti-listeria phage is GRAS (GRAS Notice No.000218) used for biocontrol of Listeria in susceptible foodstuffs, and is also listed by the USDA FSIS for use as processing aid for use on RTE meat products (FSIS Directive 7120.1) and direct application to fish and shellfish (including smoked varieties; e.g., smoked salmon), fresh and processed fruits, fresh and processed vegetables, and dairy products (including cheese) (GRN No. 528).

• In Canada, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, Anti-listeria phage also approved as a processing aid for susceptible foodstuffs.

• In Switzerland, Anti-listeria phage has been approved as processing aids in cheese-making in keeping with European legislation on food safety.

• In Israel, Anti-listeria phage is approved as a food processing aid for the treatment of RTe meat and poultry products in National Food Service of Israel (Ref: 70275202).