Plantéria™ CF
Citrus fruit extracts
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The "clean eating" trend has inspired a back to basics approach in product development; food producer feels the pressure to find clean-labeling ingredients to protect food shelf and stability. Citrus fruits are a perfect fit for the trend toward clean and healthy eating with antimicrobial activities and enticing flavors that have long been consumer favorites.


Plantéria™ CF is a natural water-soluble extract derived from citrus fruits that contain a group of GRAS ingredients of glycerine, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and ascorbic acid. It is mainly used as a multi-hurdle antimicrobial in a variety of foods.


Plantéria™ CF - Natural antimicrobial 





0.05-0.15 g/kg


Fruit and vegetable juice (concentrate)

0.3 g/kg

Water-based drinks (e.g. Apple juice drink, lemonade, lemonade, orange drink, fruit punch, flavored fruit drinks, energy drinks, coconut, oatmeal, rice, sugar cane beverages and ready-to-drink tea)

0.3 g/kg


Sweet syrups and toppings

0.25 g/kg


Emulsified sauces

1 g/kg

RTE soups and broths

1 g/kg



1 g/kg

Dairy-based pudding

1 g/kg

Fruit or flavoured yogurt

1 g/kg

Fruits & Vegetables


1 g/kg

Fruit fillings for pastries

1 g/kg

Key Benefits

• Inhibit Total plate count (TPC);

• Improve oxidative stability;

• Shelf life extension;

• Natural, clean-label ingredients.


Plantéria™ CF is described as Citrus extract by US FDA and is approved as GRAS, for use as an antimicrobial and preservative in all in the majority of foods. All individual components of the ingredient have FDA GRAS status, compliant with proposed rule 21 CFR 170.36. Plantéria™ CF composite are GRAS ingredients of Citrus extract (CAS No. 8008-57-9 / 8008-31-9 / 8008-57-9), Glycerin (CAS No.56 81 5), Fructooligosaccarides (CAS No. 308066-66-2), L-lactic acid (CAS No. 79-33-4), and Citric acid (CAS No. 77-92-9).