Proteria® SR
Fermented sugar
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Sodium chloride (salt) is used in most cured meat products for several reasons including enhancing flavor, microbial, color and textural stability. However, many consumers seek to reduce the levels of sodium in their diet, due to health risks.


Proteria® SR cultured corn sugar offers many of the functionalities of salt, providing meat processors with multiple benefits in the production of reduced-sodium meat products.  It mimics meat flavor and helps manage water activity, the key to reducing the growth rate of microbial spoilage.


Taste: Salt is the cornerstone of many flavor profiles, so removing it has an immediate flavor impact. Proteria® SR has a savory flavor that optimizes the effect of taste enhancers and improves the specific taste of the product.


Preservation Salt lowers the water activity (aw). The lower water activities (aw), the bigger the hurdle for microorganisms, such as Listeria and Salmonella in meat products. Proteria® SR helps to control microbial growth by limiting aw.


Proteria® SR -  Effective microbial stability and salt-reduction 



Reduced-sodium meat products

Deli meats

10-30 g/kg


10-30 g/kg

RTE meat

10-30 g/kg


10-30 g/kg

Seafood filets

10-30 g/kg



Key Benefits

• Sodium reduction;

• Limit water activity for reducing microbial growth;

• Shelf life extension;

• Clean-label as ‘natural flavor’.


Proteria® SR is recommended to label as Fermented (corn) sugar, which are approved as GRAS by FDA, USA.

The regulations governing the use of Proteria® SR vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.