Proteria® CV
Fermented sugar, vinegar
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Consumers expect meat products to be authentic, tasty and fresh and they are turning away from those containing unfamiliar or chemical additives.  However, cooked (un)cured meat will lose its stability during the shelf life, for example, pH falls resulting in acidity, white liquid and slime, gas formation and ropiness. How to maintain product quality stabilization with natural consumer-friendly ingredients is an important challenge to many meat manufacturers.


Proteria™ CV is a natural ferment produced by cane sugar fermented with food cultures and blended with vinegar.  The product is developed to improve the quality and reduce microbial spoilage of cooked cured meat products.



Proteria® CV - Effective microbial and pH stability for



Cooked (cured) meat& poultry

Beef Hamburg

10-30 g/kg


10-30 g/kg

Cured ham

10-30 g/kg

Cooked ham

10-30 g/kg


Key Benefits

Prevent microbial growth

Maintain culinary fresh and authentic appeal

Shelf life extension

Natural, clean label


Proteria® CV is recommended to label as Fermented (cane) sugar, vinegar (CAS No. 8028-52-2), which are approved as GRAS by FDA, USA.

The regulations governing the use of Proteria® CV vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.