Natamycin coating
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Surface coatings and films can provide an alternative for extending the postharvest life of fresh fruits and vegetables. Application of natamycin coating can prevent fungal decay severity and weight loss during storage. However, conventional Natamycin, in the form of dense crystal, cannot cover the food surface for exerting antifungal activities.


Natasan™ is a perfect Natamycin coating by increasing the natamycin crystal linked through mushroom form transparent, ultra-thin mesh coating suitable for the treatment of fungal rot on the surface of fruits and vegetables.




Natasan™ -  an effective inhibitor of  yeasts and molds in fruits and vegetables



Fruits and vegetables

Citrus fruits (e.g. calamondin, citrus citron, grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, lime, mandarin, oranges, and pommelo)

0.2 g/kg




4 g/kg

Pome fruits (e.g. apple, pears)

2.5 g/kg

Stone fruits (e.g. cherries, nectarines)

1.5 g/kg

Tropical fruits (e.g. avocadoes, mangoes)

0.8 g/kg


Key Benefits

Full protection against fungal rot

Extended freshness

No change in taste, odour, colour and flavour

Cost efficiency than chemical preservatives at much lower dosage

 Natural, friendly- labelling.


The US EPA has proposed the approval of natamycin for the control of the fungal diseases of some post-harvest fruits and Mushroom during transport and storage.