Proteria® AL
Cultured sugar and vinegar
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Consumers expect meat products to be authentic, tasty and fresh. Besides, they are turning away from those containing unfamiliar or chemical additives. Food producers are responding by exploring natural options for food ingredients that are sustainable, reliable and maintain product quality throughout its shelf life.


Proteria® AL is a neutralized white distilled vinegar concentrate, produced by fermentation using specifically selected food cultures. It helps to eliminate Total Plate Count (TPC), maintains color uniformity and reduces grey discoloration during the shelf life of vacuum-packed fresh pork and poultry meat.


Proteria® AL -  Effective Listeria and Clostridium botulinum  inhibitor 



Meat, poultry & seafood

(Un) cured turkey and turkey breast

10-30 g/kg

Fresh enhanced chicken thighs

10-30 g/kg

Fresh sausages

10-30 g/kg


10-30 g/kg

RTE ham

10-30 g/kg


Key Benefits

• Inhibition of Total Plate Count (TPC);

• Maintain color uniformity and reduce grey discoloration;

• Shelf life extension;

• Natural, clean label



Proteria® AL is recommended to label as vinegar (CAS number 8028-52-2), which are approved as GRAS by FDA, USA.

The regulations governing the use of Proteria® AL vary considerably in the countries in which it is currently approved. Advice regarding the legal status of this product is available on request.