Shelfex™ ER
Polylysine and rosemary extract blends
Price : 150.00 EUR ( Click here to check you member price ) Package : 500 gr/bottle
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Shelfex™ ER is the formulation of ε-Polylysine and rosemary extract to achieve a synergistic effect in controlling the spilage casued from microbial growth and oxidation in fresh fish, meat and beef.




Max. Dosage

Shelfex ER


RTE meals


Ready-to-eat rice

50-150 mg/kg

Refrigerated cooked noodles

50-150 mg/kg

Cooked meats, poultry and fish


25-80 mg/kg

Key Benefits

Growth inhibition of total plate count (TPC)

Delay of rancidity

Shelf life extension

Natural, friendly labeling


The ingredients of Shelfex™ ER have been approved in USA, Japan, South Korea and China, the recommended labelling is polylysine and rosemary extract (or natural flavor), and there are major differences in national legislation concerning the presence and levels of Shelfex™ ER in various food products. Always be sure to check the current legal situation with the appropriate local authorities or contact Handary.