Proteria™ SR
Sodium-reduction flavoring
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Sodium chloride (salt) is used in most cured meat products for a variety of reasons including enhancing flavor and providing microbial and textural stability. However, many consumers seek to reduce the levels of sodium in their diet, due to health threat because it is linked to hypertension, increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases.


Proteria™ SR is a natural flavoring that offers many of the functionalities of salt, providing meat processors with multiple benefits in the production of reduced-sodium products.  It mimics meat flavor and helps manage water activity, the key to reducing the growth rate of microbial spoilage.


Meat products such as Frankfurters and sausages,Deli meats, Seafood filets, RTE meat and meals

Key Benefits

Sodium reduction : 1:10

Flavour management : promotes savoury attributes imparting meaty, brothy, spicy and salty notes. So there is zero compromise on a product’s taste when sodium is replaced with Proteria™ SR.

Water activity control : Compensates for water activity loss, which has a direct effect on microbiological stability.

Clean labeling: Labeled as cultured sugar or salty flavoring



Complies with flavouring Directive 88/388/EC and (EC) No. 1334/2008, labelled as 'Cultured sugar".