Proteria® LA
Cultured sugar cane
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Concentrated juices generally have relatively high levels of sugar and a low pH and this favors the growth of some spore forming bacteria (e.g. Alicyclobacillus). Additionally, natural colors such as anthocyanins (natural red-purple) are unstable and will cause the reduction of color intensity or color change (browning). Although citric acid is used to extend the shelf life of still drinks, consumers’ demand for natural origin, safe and environmental friendly food protective ingredient has been increasing.


Proteria™ LA is a unique and natural ferment of sugar cane, naturally alternative citric acid to stabilize natural colors (anthocyanins) and to control Microbial in concentrated juices.


Juice-based beverages

Key Benefits
  • Alternative to citric acid
  • Stabilize natural colors (anthocyanins)
  • Prevent microbial spoilage
  • Shelf life extension
  • Natural, clean label 

Labeled as 'fermented sugar cane'