PhageX™ AS
Anti-salmonella phage
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Salmonella spp. has been associated with a large number of food-poisoning outbreaks related to various foods such as fresh soft cheeses, raw meat and poultry, and fresh vegetables. Bacteriophages are novel biocontrol measures to ensure food safety.


PhageX™ AS  is an anti-Salmonella phage cocktail and is composed entirely of proteins and nucleic acids, so their breakdown products consist exclusively of amino acids and nucleic acids, both of which are present in abundance food products, so distribution within a given environment can be seen as a natural process.




Rec. dosage

Key benefits

Food categories

Typical cases

Meat, poultry and seafood

Raw meat

Pork meat



Raw poultry

Chicken skins



Key Benefits
  •  Prevents cross contamination
  •  Kills salmonella
  •  No organoleptic influence
  •  Clean label

Salmonella phage preparation is GRAS suitable for use as an antimicrobial and processing aid in the production of certain pork and poultry products at a level up to 108 PFU/g of treated food.