Pahgex™ AL
Anti-listeria phage
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Listeria has been associated with a large number of food-poisoning outbreaks related to various foods. Bacteriophage is novel biocontrol measures to ensure food safety and is composed entirely of proteins and nucleic acids, so it breakdown products consist exclusively of amino acids and nucleic acids, which is present in abundance food products, so distribution within a given environment can be seen as a natural process.


PhageX™ AL anti-Listeria phage is produced by fermentation using Listeria innocua as a host strain that effectively inhibits outgrowth of listeria on the surface of foods such as RTE meat and poultry.


 RTE meat and poultry

Key Benefits
  • Inhibit outgrowth of Listeria
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • No organoleptic influence
  • Clean label